N now U know!


Did you know that Northeastern is home to the ONLY Taco Bell in Boston? 

If you like to “Live Más” it sounds like Northeastern is the place to do it. 

Fun Facts!

If each student currently attending Northeastern University were distributed across all the Taco Bells on Earth, no one student would be alone! They’d have two fellow Huskies with them.

Taco Bell is pretty diverse. It serves it’s food from locations in about 30 countries. Of course, that means there’s at least 100 countries with Northeastern students that might suffer Taco Bell withdrawal when they go home for break. 

Taco Bell does good business though and serves over 2 billion customers a year. Northeastern University doesn’t have quite that number of students but let’s see what I can do to reach that 2 billion mark.

$225 Million towards the New Engineering Complex set to open in 2016

$91.8 Million in Research Funding in 2013

$63.3 Million in gifts from Alumni in 2013

884 Million people on this planet don’t have clean drinking water. Four Northeastern students are working hard to make that number ZERO with their project called FilterLight. Check it out! http://www.northeastern.edu/news/2013/03/rise-2013/

$204.1 Million in Grant aid given to students for the 2013-14 Academic Year

I have just over 500 Million left according to the nifty calculator on my iPhone. I guess that makes now I good time to mention Empower: The Campaign for Northeastern University which aims to raise $500 Million in philanthropic support. I could take this chance to mention that Northeastern’s Marine Science Center is home to a calico lobster (which is so rare only 1 in 30 Million have this pattern.) and get my total really close to that 2 billion. Or I could just demolish that number by pointing out that Empower: The Campaign for Northeastern University also aims to raise $500 Million through industry and government partnerships. (Yes, it’s a campaign for 1 Billion dollars. I should have just started there…)

N now U know!

Until Next Time”Learn-Love-Laugh,

Benjamin P. Brady